On the first visit, Dr. Ross will take a complete detailed history about your injury and pain. Next, an examination will be performed which includes:

  • Examination of injured area
  • Testing range of motion
  • Testing neurological reflexes
  • Specific orthopedic tests
  • X-rays are taken only if necessary

Once the examination is complete, treatment begins.

Dr. Ross offers a wide variety of treatment options for Chiropractic care.

Treatments consist of both the actual chiropractic adjustment and soft tissue modalities to help the body support the adjustment.

Massage is used to loosen tight muscles before the adjustment.

Ultrasound and electrical muscle stimulation may also be used to help aid the body’s recovery.

Some patients may decide to take advantage of acupuncture and herbal therapy treatments offered at the center to provide healing on integrated levels.

Under most normal circumstances, chiropractic adjustments do not hurt. In some cases of recent trauma, such as whiplash, mild discomfort may be experienced initially due to inflammation surrounding the injured area.

Most people feel relief after adjustments.

Most insurance companies today cover chiropractic and acupuncture care. Dr. Ross is a preferred provider of a number of different insurance plans.

We will verify your coverage and bill the insurance company directly. Auto injuries and work related injuries are also frequently covered.


On the first visit, a thorough intake diagnosis is made. This includes questions about the patient’s main complaint, questions about surrounding systems in the body and an over-all health history. In addition, traditional Chinese medicine uses both the tongue and the individual’s pulse as diagnostic tools to gain more information about different patterns of disease.

During each visit, the tongue is observed and noted for changes to its color, size, shape and coating. The patient’s pulse is taken at three different levels and positions, and quantified by its speed, depth, strength and general quality. An overall picture of the patient’s health is created by carefully assessing these primary areas.

After the above process is completed, treatment begins, based on the individual’s condition. Needles are carefully inserted into proper points on the body, where they remain for approximately 30-40 minutes while the patient relaxes in a soothing environment. After a treatment, many people report feeling calm and centered.

Because we use very fine sterile needles for the comfort and safety of our patients, there is generally no pain. Sometimes, however, certain areas may be more sensitive than others.

If the patient should feel any discomfort, it is usually minimal and passes very quickly. Patients are encouraged to relax during the treatment in order to help reduce any discomfort.

We provide soothing music and/or aromatherapy to facilitate relaxation in a warm and caring environment. In addition, your Acupuncturist remains close-by to further ensure your comfort during the treatment.

The number of treatments depends on the severity and duration of the condition. A person might initially require 1-2 visits per week and then visits may be reduced to once a week for 4-6 treatments. The patient is re-evaluated to determine progress and how many more treatments may be needed to correct the problem. Again, each person is professionally assessed on an individual basis and treatment varies accordingly.
The depth of needle insertion depends on the specific part of the body.

For example, needles inserted into a bony area such as the hand, need not be inserted as deeply as with areas that have more flesh, such as the gluteals (buttocks).

Along with acupuncture, Dr. Ross may suggest specific types of exercises and/or special dietary changes. In addition, Chinese herbs and essential oils can be very helpful to balance and support the healing process.

Essential Oils

Essential oils are the volatile liquids that are distilled from the seeds, bark, flower, stems and roots of plants. There are multitudes of essential oils each having their own unique medicinal qualities.
Essential oils can be used aromatically and topically. Some essential oils can be used internally in very small amounts if they are of a pure and therapeutic grade.They also can be used to make healthier cleaning products or in a bath to help soothe and relieve aching muscles and relieve tension. The oils can be used individually or in blends. Dr. Ross uses only pure therapeutic grade oils.
Pay special attention to all safety precautions applicable for each essential oil that you choose. Avoid the eyes and sensitive skin parts. When using on infants and small children dilute the oils into a carrier oil like coconut oil or almond oil. If you are not sure if an oil is applicable, please consult a knowledgeable professional. Certain oils are not meant to use internally. If using the oils internally, make sure they are a pure therapeutic grade oil. Ask Dr. Ross for her expertise on this! Some oils, especially the citrus oils are phototoxic. They should not be applied to the skin that will be exposed to sun within 48 hours.
Essential oils can be used to help relieve stress/anxiety, digestion issues, pain relief, sleep issues, boost the immune system, colds and flus, skin care. Essential oils are a natural way to help with the many issues that affect us in our daily lives.
Contact me directly either by phone or email: 858-270-8085 / to set up a complimentary wellness consultation!

I’m offering a Complimentary Wellness Consultation that can guide you not only on what oils can be helpful for your health, but also the most affordable ways to order essential oils with a wholesale account.


As an integrative practitioner, Dr Ross responds to the needs of the patient with adjunct herbal support when necessary. Herbs can be taken for a wide variety of problems ranging from the common cold and flu, digestive problems, asthma, and PMS symptoms. They can help improve overall health, boost energy and provide calming support for your individual needs.
The length of time that a patient stays on an herbal formula varies depending on the condition of the patient.

Generally, the longer a person has a problem, the longer herbs are taken to correct the imbalance. For many conditions, short-term use of medicinal herbs is all that is required.

Herbs are available in a number of different forms. Dr Ross offers herbs that come in capsule blended formulas, tinctures(liquid extracts) or tablets. Usually a number of different herbs are combined and made into a special formula to help address a specific problem. Dr. Ross determines the most effective formula to target a patient’s needs.