Herbs for healingHerbs come from carefully grown, selected and prepared plant materials consisting of the roots, leaves and flowers. The Chinese have researched and used plants for thousands of years to treat many kinds of conditions and diseases. They are frequently used to provide the body with Qi for overall strength and support.

Herbs are available in a number of different forms. They come as individual dried herbs that are boiled and strained to create a custom blended tea. They may come manufactured as pills, or as liquid extracts. Usually a number of different herbs are combined and made into a special formula to help address a specific problem. Dr. Ross determines the most effective formula to target a patient’s needs. Herbs are generally gentle, safe and effective with few, if any, side effects, when used as directed.

In my practice of 27 years, I have had the honor of witnessing and guiding my patients’ move to greater levels of health and wellness. I look forward to supporting your journey to health.